#1 RE: Stationairy problem 7A von FiveInline 29.03.2019 16:47

Hello all,

Had a problem that after i used the throttle, it stayed in high rpm. Also with clutchdown. Replaced the potentionmeter with a brandnew one from Auditradition, problem was solved. It doesn?t stay in high rpms anymore.
But today i was doing a little drive and on the way back i went untill 6000rpm. At the next trafficlight the rpm?s where bouncing between 1000 and 1400.
If i turn the car off and back on it is normal again untill i give a bit of gas again.
There were some faultcodes, but some of them i knew that was a issue and is already replaced. Deleted the faultcodes and did a drive and none came back.

if I push this snake together, the stationairy rpm's are good and normal!

Anyone can tell what is the issue? Already a week busy finding the issue.[/img]

#2 RE: Stationairy problem 7A von audiavus 01.04.2019 07:03


its possible that the stationary rpm regulator does not work properly. Try to clean it with WD40 (please DONT USE BREAKE PARTS CLEANER!!!) and check the wiring, also there can be a loose connection...

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